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%$$$ Best Revews Sheen x300 Flame Gun

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Review : Sheen x300 Flame Gun

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Sheen x300 Flame Gun

Main Features : Sheen x300 Flame Gun

  • The most effective weedkiller you can buy Weeds are a gardener's biggest headache The Sheen X300, the world's best selling flamegun
  • The organic answer to weed control, this flamegun destroys weeds with a searing 2000 degrees Fahrenheit blast which when directed at the base of weeds stops the plants sap rising
  • Leaving the weeds to dry for a few days, a second gunning incinerates all top growth and weed seeds, leaving a potash rich residue
  • Weight 6 KG
  • 2000 degrees Fahrenheit blast
  • One gallon tank
    2000 degrees Fahrenheit blast
    Paraffin fuel
    Integral pressure pump
    Pressure gauge
    Precision control valve and burner
    Weight 6 KG
    Brand new with box and instructions