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%$$$ Revews Wildlife World Beepol Lodge

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Review : Wildlife World Beepol Lodge

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Wildlife World Beepol Lodge

Main Features : Wildlife World Beepol Lodge

  • Includes voucher for LIVE BEES
  • Inner doorway to allow incoming bees
  • Helps to increase crop yield for fruit and vegetables
  • Contributes to the conservation of British Bumble bees
  • Solid FSC Cedar Lodge
  • A Live Colony of Native Bumble Bees

    The Beepol Lodge is a live, moveable colony of native pollinating bumble bees (species: Bombus terrestris audax) for the garden, orchard, vegetable plot, or simply for education and interest.

    The purchase of the Beepol Lodge comes complete with a voucher for a colony of bumble bees which is delivered to you by special courier. The bees will be delivered to you in a special carton which is designed to fit directly into the wooden lodge and once inserted a small inner door in the carton is opened to release the bees into the lodge. Soon the worker bumble bees will be out to investigate and shortly afterwards will get active in your garden.

    The Lodge features an inner doorway which can be set to only allow incoming bees, which gives the option of allowing movement of the hive at night to a new pollinating area.

    In the late autumn the workers will die off and the new queens will spend the winter period underground.

    Important: Replacement colonies for the Beepol Lodge are available annually between April - August.

    Siting Instructions: The lodge should be installed on a tree, building or platform in a quiet/secluded area of the garden where it will be inacessible to unsupervised children and pets. Entrance holes should offer a clear flight path, offering easy access for the bees.

    •Solid FSC cedar lodge
    •Colony of bumble bee workers plus queen
    •Boosts the pollination of flowers in your garden
    •Helps to increase crop yield for fruit and vegetables
    •Contributes to the conservation of British bumble bees
    Observing Your Hive

    After a week, your bumble bees would have settled into their new location and will already be bringing back pollen and nectar to the nest. Since the Beepol hive has a clear plastic top, you, might decide to inspect the nest from time to time. It is not necessary to do this, but if you choose to do so, you need to be careful not to frighten the bees.